Translated, Sin Sitio simply means ‘without a site’ or ‘siteless’, as the four partners--Juan Pablo González, Ilana Coleman, Makena Buchanan and Jamie Gonçalves--are spread across multiple cities in both México and the U.S. We are a band of multi-hyphenate filmmakers who reflect the mobility, geographic and technical, needed for an artisanal filmic collaboration to flourish.

Sin Sitio Cine strives to acknowledge and challenge the complexities of the contemporary world by focusing on producing artistically ambitious, politically conscious works, unconcerned with length and genre classifications. In addition to producing its own works, the company is committed to producing works by directors all over the world--with a special focus in Latin America and the Caribbean--who are continuously searching to express the nuances of their homes. In other words, stories that they are best suited to tell.